What is a Cup Reading?

Cup reading is an ancient art used to read your energy and give you insight around any questions you may have about your life. This often includes relevant information about your past, present, and future.

What is a Cup Reading?

Cup reading is an ancient art used to read your energy and give you insight around any questions you may have about your life. This often includes relevant information about your past, present, and future.

My Method

Readings are a safe space for you to be yourself and receive guidance based on what I am picking up from your energy. It is my intention that we both enter the session with mutual respect. I always aim to communicate the insights I receive with deep compassion and honesty. I understand that having someone read your energy can make some feel vulnerable, and I want to reassure you that I offer a judgement-free zone, and will respect you, as you are putting your trust in me.

Readings are meant to bring you clarity, direction, and leave you feeling free.

Doing a Reading is For You If…

What to Expect in an in-Person Reading

We will sit down together and I will provide you with a small cup of coffee to enjoy. The coffee grinds at the bottom of the cup are what I use to read your energy. Although I am using the coffee grinds as a tool to interpret your energy, the insights and information I receive come directly from my intuition. Which is why I also call my readings, intuitive energy readings! The cup is only a tool, the downloads of information that I receive through my intuition clairvoyantly, is really where the magic happens. Readings offer you information about your past, present, and near future.

What to Expect in a Remote Reading

A remote reading is exactly the same as an in person reading except that instead of drinking the coffee yourself, I will pour the coffee and flip over the cup to read the grinds on your behalf. There is no need to bring your own cup to a session. Remote readings are available through Zoom, FaceTime, What’s App, or phone call.

At this time, I am only offering remote readings***

What You Should Know Before Coming into a Reading

  • Each reading is unique and specific to the current healing you are experiencing and in need of
  • What I offer in a reading is not my personal advice or opinion, it is strictly what I am receiving from your energy
  • Please feel free to enter the experience with open energy, and just be you!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am clairvoyant and tap into your energy through a combination of hearing your voice, seeing your image, and knowing your name. For more information on how I discovered my intuitive abilities, please read my story, here.

Readings are meant to offer clarity, direction, healing, and inner peace.

Please don’t be nervous about receiving a reading. You are about to receive helpful information that will be healing for you to know, so be excited for the messages you are about to receive! Showing up with a lot of stress, or strong/heavy emotions can block the necessary flow of energy to do a reading.

Feel free to come to a session with any specific questions you have in mind, and if you are asking about a particular person or people, please bring a picture of them as well.

If I am unable to read your energy within the first 10-15 minutes of a session, I will stop the reading and let you know. This doesn’t occur often, but as I previously mentioned, this can happen if your energy is closed off due to strong emotions, or if you are trying to test my abilities and not being honest in our interaction.

I don’t offer readings specifically for this purpose. Having said that if it is meant to come through it will. I have had sessions with people where departed loved ones do reach out and connect, and I am able to pick up on their energy.

Similar to connecting with departed loved ones, I do not offer readings solely for this purpose, however it can come up if it’s meant to.

In certain cases, time frames can show up in a reading. But please be mindful of the fact that you are born with free will, and time frames can change based on the actions you take. Because of this, time frames are never 100% accurate.

You can always change your future instantly through making a different decision for yourself, choosing to live in a different way, or simply by moving in a new direction. Nothing is set in stone. Please remember that you have free will, energy is always shifting and moving based on YOU. Readings are meant to provide you with insight, not to choose your life for you.

Yes, remote readings are just as effective as in person readings.

I do not offer a recording of our session, and kindly ask that you do not record it either as I find that it throws off my energy, and I am unable to see clearly. However, I do encourage you to bring a notebook and a pen if you want to jot down notes.

After a session it is likely that you will be processing the information that came up in your reading. Sometimes if a person comes with a lot of emotions and concerns, they may feel that they need extra rest for 1-3 days afterwards, as they process and heal. Be gentle with yourself during this time, and give yourself extra rest and care if you need it.

This totally depends on you! I generally recommend that readings are spaced out for energy to heal, but of course each individual moves through this process at their own pace. Some people find it helpful to do a reading as often as once a week to check in and see how energy is flowing, while others prefer to do a reading every 2-6 months, and some, once a year. You will know when the time is right for you, and I encourage you to schedule a reading whenever you feel it is needed on your end.

If you are located in Canada, payment can be sent prior to the reading via e-transfer to christinet@innerfind.ca. If you are located outside of Canada, payment can be sent through PayPal. In this case, I will provide you with the PayPal link once your session is booked.

If you are unable to make it to a reading, please don’t feel bad! Letting me know as soon as you can is always helpful and appreciated. If I am unable to show up to our reading for any reason, I will also let you know as soon as possible, and we can always reschedule for another day.

Readings can be done in English or in Arabic.

You are important to me! This is why I prefer to speak with all of my clients directly. If you would like to book a reading, please choose one of the following ways to reach out and book:

  • Email me at: Info@cupreadingswc.com
  • Send me a direct message on Instagram. My Instagram handle is @cupreadingswc
  • Text me at (437) 328-3990

***Please be aware that I am currently booking 3 months in advance.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out and connect. You can email me at Info@cupreadingswc.com